6 points: the yarn must meet the requirements. Have the spinning enterprises selected the right yarn

2024-03-21 10:50

Knitting requires higher yarn evenness (i.e. yarn thickness uniformity), good softness, certain strength, extensibility and twist (yarn twist is relatively low). In the process of forming knitted fabrics on the knitting machine, the yarn will be subjected to complex mechanical effects, such as stretching, bending, twisting and friction. In order to ensure normal production and product quality, knitting yarn shall meet the following requirements:


The yarn shall have certain strength and extensibility

Since the yarn is subjected to certain tension and repeated load during preparation and weaving, the knitting yarn must have certain strength.


The yarn shall have good softness

The soft yarn is easy to bend and twist, and makes the loop structure in the knitted fabric uniform and the appearance clear and beautiful. At the same time, it can also reduce the yarn breakage and damage to the looping machine parts during the weaving process.


The yarn should have a certain twist

The yarn with too much twist will affect the elasticity of knitted fabric and make the loop skew. However, the twist of knitting yarn should not be too low, otherwise it will affect its strength, increase the broken ends during weaving, and the yarn is bulky, making the fabric easy to pilling.


The yarn shall have uniform linear density and less yarn defects

Yarn linear density uniformity, that is, yarn evenness, is an important quality index of knitting yarn. The yarn with uniform evenness is beneficial to the knitting process and the fabric quality, making the loop structure uniform and the cloth surface clear.


The yarn shall have good moisture absorption

The hygroscopic capacity of various fibers is very different, and the hygroscopic capacity varies with the temperature and humidity of the air. Under the same relative humidity, the yarn with good moisture absorption not only has good electrical conductivity, but also is conducive to the stability of yarn twist back and the improvement of elongation.


The yarn should have good finish and low friction coefficient

The knitting yarn shall be as smooth as possible without impurities and oil stains. The unsmooth yarn has severe abrasion on the machine parts and is easy to damage the machine parts. Moreover, there are many flying flowers in the workshop, which not only affects the health of workers, but also affects the productivity of knitting machines and the quality of fabrics.

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